Climate Services Partnership (CSP)
The Climate Services Partnership (CSP) is a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration to advance climate service capabilities worldwide.
High Mountain Glacial Watershed Program
The goal of the High Mountain-Glacial Lake Program Community of Practice (CoP) is to improve knowledge, exchange information, and mobilize resources for applied research and multistakeholder-based...

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Dec 23rd, 2013 | Resource

Experience drawn from past efforts to mainstream adaptation into national policy, planning and resource allocation decisions, as well as from efforts to mainstream the environment, gender, and disa

Aug 7th, 2013 | Resource

Con el apoyo de la USAID, el Instituto Privado de Investigación sobre Cambio Climático – ICC – y el Instituto Internacional de Investigación para el Clima y la Sociedad (IRI por sus siglas en inglé

Mar 29th, 2013 | Resource

Climate change and security have been linked in multiple ways, although some sets of linkages have garnered more attention than others.

Feb 15th, 2013 | Resource

The Climber-Scientist Small Grants program provides field-based, hands-on research opportunities to scientists and practitioners working in high mountain regions.