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February 09, 2017

How Does Your Vaporizer Work?

Vaping might be the fashionable new alternative to smoking, but there are lots of people who happily puff away on their e-cigarette, without any idea how their new gadget even works. The name e-cigarette is actually a very misleading term, as vaporizers work in a very different way to regular cigarettes — and are much better for you. It is very easy to learn how vaporizers function, and also to understand how they are a much healthier alternative to tobacco.

Boiling Not Burning

One of the big differences between how vaporizers function and how cigarettes function is that vaporizers don’t actually burn material but boil it. When you smoke a cigarette, the tobacco is burnt and it is the smoke which you inhale — smoke which contains thousands of different chemicals, many of which are very damaging to your health. When it comes to vaporizers, regardless of whether you are using solid material or e-liquids to fill your model, the substance is boiled not burned, which leads to the creation of a vapor containing the active ingredients.

You still get the pleasant effects of inhaling the nicotine vapor — and enjoying whatever the e-liquid has been flavored with — but there are no additional, damaging ingredients which are bad for your health. Vaping is much healthier than smoking and is fast becoming an alternative for ex-smokers who have found it difficult to quit tobacco cold turkey.

Conduction or Convection?

Some of the earliest vaporizers which were actually invented back in the 1970s despite their recent surge in popularity used a type of heat called conduction, which was far from effective and sometimes resulted in the material burning rather than boiling after all. In conduction vaporizers, only the material that was in contact with the heat source would actually heat up, which means that a lot of material could be left untouched. Vapers would often try and prevent this from happening by turning up the heat – which would often cause solid material to burst into flames.

The convection vaporizers which are used these days are much more efficient and much more reliable. In these kinds of vaporizers, the oil or solid filling the e-cigarette is boiled and vaporized by heated air, which means that all the material is used up safely. Convection also gives the vaper more control over the temperature of their device, which can be important if they are using a stronger e-liquid. Of course, all this extra efficiency and control costs more, which is why modern vaporizers are more expensive.

Saving on Vaporizers and E-liquids

Whether you want to splash out on a top-of-the-range convection vaporizer, or whether you are just looking to give vaping a try with a simple and straightforward conduction model, there are lots of different places you can buy them — and lots of ways you can save a few dollars on both vaporizers and e-liquids. When it comes to buying online, you can either buy direct from the manufacturer or find an online vape store that stocks lots of different vaporizers and accessories from different brands. The second option is much better if you are new to vaping or if you are looking for an upgrade or new e-liquid flavors as they have a much wide choice.

Vape World is one of the most popular of these online vaping stores, selling devices from all around the world, ranging in price from just a few dollars to several hundred. There are lots of online coupons and vouchers available too, to help you save on your vaping; Vape World promo codes can help you get big savings on vaporizers, even those manufactured by some of the most fashionable brand names.

Sensible Shopping for Vaping Accessories

You can also use Vape World promo codes to buy e-liquids, and it can often be a good idea to stock up on your favorite brands and flavors if you find a good deal. There are also paper coupons available, either cut out of industry magazines or printed off from your computer, which allows to you cash in on the best deals at your local vaping store. It can even be worth checking the local paper for special offers, especially if a new vaping store is due to open.

Shopping around is much easier online, however, and many vaping stores will have special offers at certain times of the year which can make the savings you get from promo codes even better. Check out whether there is free shipping on your order too before you buy, as this can add several dollars to your order, and coupons often don’t apply to such costs.

February 09, 2017

E-commerce Drives Future Retail Sales

As more consumers are choosing to shop online instead of at brick and mortar stores, e-commerce, or online shopping, is driving sales at retail establishments. The three most common types of e-commerce are B2B (business to business), B2C (business to customer) and C2C (customer to customer). Current statistics show that approximately forty percent of internet users have bought products or goods online using their desktop, smart phone, tablet or other online device. This is more than one billion people, consumers and businesses, shopping online with the projections expected to grow each year.

Why Is E-commerce So Popular?

Gone are the days when you have to drive to your favorite store to pick up your favorite item. Now, shopping for whatever you need is as easy as a few clicks. New industries to enter the market are grocery stores and auto sellers. If you know what products you want to purchase, you can shop, pay for them on the grocer’s website and many will bring them to your car. It is predicted that 20% of grocery sales will be generated online by 2025. Currently, close to five percent of United States consumers prefer shopping for their groceries online. Auto sellers have also discovered that some shoppers don’t need to walk along miles of options to make a choice. Some websites are allowing you to pick out your car, file your application for financing and have the car delivered to your doorstep without ever seeing the car or interacting with a car salesman.

What’s Happening in the Stores?

Nearly one third of US-based shoppers see shopping in a traditional store as a chore versus an engaging experience. Part of the reason they feel disillusion is in the difference between their online experience and what they often find in the traditional stores. When shopping online, many consumers enjoy being able to compare prices and products at several retailers before deciding, however, in the store you are limited to what is in front of you. This is hard for physical stores to overcome because many cannot afford to diversify their inventory when they are not seeing the necessary spikes in sales to justify the increase.

How High Will E-commerce Sales Go?

The convenience of e-commerce options across industries has professionals predicting that worldwide retail e-commerce sales will exceed $4 trillion by 2020. This is predicted to account for almost 15% of total retail spending for that year. Although these projections have been lowered due to low oil prices and negative currency effects, they still show the power of the computer in buying decisions. Many of these purchases are made independent of any sales assistance which leaves the consumer to interpret the benefits and advantages of the products for themselves.

How Will This Affect Advertisers?

As many businesses are determining where to spend advertising dollars, online sites, ad words and pop up banners are becoming more and more attractive. Understanding the short attention span of the average consumers, advertising executives know that you must create a compelling call to action that will result in the consumer making an immediate decision.

More Emails?

Unfortunately, this will probably result in more emails arriving in your email inbox. On average, most major retailers are sending at least one email per day. However, as the propensity to shop online increases, so will their attempts to communicate. Some retailers are encouraging the download of their mobile app so that they can communicate with you directly through your smartphone. Others are asking to enable desktop notifications from your computer to allow pop-ups of special offers.

Protecting Against Fraud

As online shopping increases, so will online fraud attempts. During the 2016 holiday season, online fraud attempts increased by almost 31% from the previous year. It is estimated that one in every 97 online transactions was a fraudulent attempt. Researchers show that the highest rates of fraud occurred during the holiday season. However, online shoppers should be careful all year round and pay close attention to transactions on debit card and credit card statements to report unusual transactions as soon as possible. Many banks that issue cards also have a fraud detection department to analyze purchases that might seem unusual in your account.

E-commerce will drive retail sales into the future as more and more shoppers opt to purchase everyday items as well as big ticket products from the comfort of their homes. Consumers and retailers will need to guard personal information to protect against fraud attempts, however this is not likely to deter spending nor will it decrease the frequency in which retailers will pursue potential buyers with advertising.

February 09, 2017

Putting Up Your Next Website Using is an extremely popular platform for creating websites because of the many features that it offers. Several of these features are not available with its competitors or they charge an additional fee. This platform is ideal for the novice webmaster or website designer because most of the services that you need to have your site up and running in little to no time is included, so you don’t have to worry about adding on the right services with additional costs to get you started. Using an coupon code can compound those savings in your first year.

Basic Features offers users unlimited disk space to store files and data. You can upload as much content as you would like without worrying about maxing out or paying additional fees. You also get scalable bandwidth so that your website can handle as much traffic as you can drive to it. Included with your hosting purchase is also a free domain for one year.

Hosting Features

Hosting features can get pretty technical if you don’t understand website jargon but the most important features that you will have available are a FileManager to organize your data, audio and video support to assist with adding graphics and digital media to your site, website backup software to ensure your content isn’t lost if your site goes down for any reason and a bandwidth and disk usage monitor to track the performance of your site.

E-commerce Features

Most platforms charge an additional fee for e-commerce features, however, this is included in the package which makes it extremely popular for those wanting to sell online. Not only will you be able to set up a free online store but it can be integrated with your PayPal account. There is an easy one-click installer. You can use the AgoraCart, OpenCart, OSCommerce, PrestaShop, ZenCart or TomatoCart as your preferred shopping cart. These options are very attractive if you are already hosting a shopping cart on another platform and simply want to switch hosting sites.

Technology Features goes above and beyond to provide technology features to keep your site safe. This includes an enhanced security suite valued at $100. With the 24/7 network monitoring, someone is watching your site at all times to ensure it is up and running. If there is a problem, someone will notify you rather than clients finding an error page when they attempt to access your information. You will also receive visitor statistics and site traffic reporting.

Design Features

The design is perhaps one of the most important features of your website because it is what the customers sees. It captures their attention and can make the difference between them staying and closing the page. provides hundreds of templates and themes for you to choose from. You can design your first six pages at no cost. The site design is easy to set up with wizards to guide you through the process and a one-click WordPress installer. You can host your PixelPost, b2evolution, WordPress or another blog on this platform as well. You can also integrate your content management system, photo gallery or forums into the platform. makes it easy to take what you already have and bring it all home to one platform.

Marketing Features

Once your site is up and running, you want to be sure everyone knows about it. offers access to online marketing guides to help you develop your marketing strategy. You also receive a $100 coupon code from Google AdWords and a $100 coupon code from Bing. Your business will be listed on for free as well as receiving one toll-free phone number if you are a United States-based business.

Email Features

Crafting a professional online brand includes having a professional email account that directs to an account associated with your domain based URL. provides a customizable email address as well as email forwarding, autoresponders, virus checking and customizable spam filters.

Support Features

As a novice webmaster, having support is essential. Whatever problem you may be experiencing with your site, someone from will be available to help you. Not only are there step-by-step tutorials but you also have access to 24/7 phone and chat support. Additionally, there is an online help center with ticketing system to track the process of your issue. If you’re not satisfied, offers a thirty-day money-back guarantee.

As you can see, using to design your next website can be quick and easy with all the available features. Although their prices are already extremely low, finding a coupon code will help you to kick off your online site in the most economical way.

December 14, 2016

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